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Why Do Spider Veins Sometimes Reappear Soon After Sclerother
9 months ago

Sclerotherapy comprises usage of injection consisting of a fluid i.e sclerosant. It is delivered into a diseased vein directly in order to eliminate them permanently. This method does not cause harm to the surrounding tissues and healthy veins. As soon as the vein doctor near me new York administers saline solution, the damaged veins become non-functional and gradually fade away. However, the sceletherophy is used in several applications such as treating small hemorrhoids and esophageal varices but most widely it is used for reticular and spider veins’ treatment. Visit vein clinic NYC, if you want to get rid of the abnormal veins effectively. 



What are reticular and spider veins?


Reticular veins are deep veins that consist of a cyanotic hue of diameter ranging 2-4 mm. On the other hand spider veins are fine thread veins mostly appearing in red, blue or purple color. Commonly they grow on the thighs, calves and ankles.   You can find the appropriate solution of the treatment at the vein clinic manhattan suggested by the vein specialist near me in New york.


Sclerotherapy: What types of veins can be treated?


Technically, sclerotherapy can be an effective therapy for any size veins. However, if the vein is larger and deeper, the possibilities of treatment failure may increase. They may reoccur. If the vein size is bigger than 5 mm in diameter, it often needs special techniques and high potency sclerosants in higher amounts and high concentration to treat them. However, it may generate many risks and adverse effects. The reason behind is that larger veins include more blood that makes sclerosant solution thin and increase its efficacy. Gather more information about the treatment from veins clinic fidi.


Recently, sclerotherapy is widely used for reticular and spider vein treatment. Although these small veins can be removed surgically, sclerotherapy offers a fast, effective means of treatment which is also a cosmetically alternative option. People prefer this method as it can treat extensive networks of small unsightly veins.  If you think you need to be more specific regarding selection of the treatment, visit vein clinic midtown.


This treatment is highly effective to treat spider veins and results are visible within three to six weeks. Larger veins may take a long time to be eliminated.  You may notice some side effects of the treatment like itching, skin bruising and redness at the injected area. This method not only produces remarkably good results but reduces the symptoms of the unsightly veins up to eighty five percent. It is a fact that vein size can’t predict the existence of the veins. The treatment should be conducted only by a vein doctor New york.



Who may need several sessions to treat the abnormal spider veins?


Some patients do not require high concentrated sclero injection or multiple doctor visits, they need only one to two sessions to get relieved from them with weak sclerosants only.


Some patients may require  stronger sclerosants and combination of treatment techniques that may include laser vein treatment. When a patient's condition has a bad response to the initial sequence of the treatment, the veins may reoccur or new veins start to appear just after the treatment. This indicates that treatment has failed. A failed treatment defines a hidden source of reflux indicating the valve failure. Since the smaller veins also consist of valves, the treatment plan starts with sclerotherapy. In order to get rid of these unsightly veins, the treatment should be conducted under the supervision of a vein specialist in New york



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