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Spider Veins: What Are The Possible Treatments?
10 months ago

Spider veins are small colored veins that can be noticed on the surface of the skin of the legs and face. The spider veins generally don’t cause any serious health issues but the situation. Most of the time these veins are noticed on the surface of the legs but sometimes can be noticed on the face. Medically, the spider veins are known as telangiectasias. They are also compared with varicose veins. You need not get confused, varicose veins are big ropy veins in the legs whereas spider veins are much smaller. Over time, they may become large, painful, and embarrassing.  The visibility of spider veins is more noticeable than varicose. Visit a vein clinic, if you have serious vein issues.



How To Treat Them?


Some people prefer cosmetic surgery because they need a flawless appearance. Some people consider vein treatment for cosmetic reasons rather than a medical one. The reason for their growth is a faulty circulatory system that may increase with age. Varicose veins and spider veins may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.


The condition of faulty veins will advance gradually and rapidly but if you don’t get proper medical attention, your condition may become worse. If the problem is left untreated the spider veins may advance to other medical problems such as blood clots, leg ulcers, infections, and skin changes.


Treatment methods:


There are several vein treatments near me to get rid of unsightly veins.


  • Compression stockings are required to wear for about twenty-two hours a day to treat varicose veins. However, wearing stockings can’t treat varicose or spider veins completely. But it can help relieve you from the symptoms of diseased veins. Consult a vein specialist to determine the suitable treatment.


  • You may also require medication injection into your veins, this method is known as sclerotherapy. It is one of the commonest methods to treat spider and varicose veins. This medicine will allow the veins to become eliminated.



  • Foam sclerotherapy is the method in which medications are mixed with air to give them a foamy texture. The procedure is done at the vein doctor’s office and no anesthesia is needed. This method is an outpatient process, you can go home just after the treatment.


  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy is required when multiple incisions are created along the vein. It is pulled out through surgical hooks. This method is not good for the spider veins but perfect for the varicose veins. Laser treatments are also used to treat varicose veins but it is not required for spider veins. Get the treatment done by a vein doctor near me.


Most often spider veins don’t cause additional pressure, hence they are not as severe as varicose veins. Spider veins often grow due to hormonal imbalance in women. During pregnancy and the ingestion of birth control pills, estrogen can cause the rise of spider veins. Normally, spider veins can cause an unsightly appearance on the affected area requiring spider vein treatment.


As a result, people consider this issue cosmetic rather than a medical one.  However, you should consult a vein specialist near me first, before considering anything.



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