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Sclerotherapy: An Effective Solution To Eliminate The Ugly V
about 1 year ago

Spider veins can surely destroy the appearance of your legs and any other part of your body. These unsightly lines and circles noticed on your skin are actually veins that have been destroyed by extreme pressure exerted by factors like your body weight for one. This is why spider veins are more prominent on your legs and thighs. Get the spider vein treatment nyc at the vein clinic.


Spider veins don’t cause severe medical issues but the women experiencing these ugly veins want to get rid of them as because of abnormal veins, women are unable to carry on short dresses. If you want to get rid of your spider veins, you can visit a vein clinic in NYC and, most probably, the vein specialist will talk about sclerotherapy.


What Is Sclerotherapy?


Sclerotherapy has been an effective solution to treat faulty vein and nerve formations for over a century now. The procedure is based on new medical technologies available but the basic approach is still the same. And even today, it is still a popular choice for treating ugly vein malformations visible on the skin. A vein doctor near me uses the injection of a solution directly into the affected skin areas where venous problems like spider veins appear.


Sclerotherapy actually involves a series of injections, where the patient does not only get a single shot but rather an average of fifteen to twenty injections per session but this depends on the condition of him/her, for one affected area. The solution being injected is normally composed of sodium chloride, an anesthetic substance called lidocaine, and heparin which prevents blood clotting. You can get this vein treatment near me NYC at the vein clinic NYC.

How To Prepare For The Treatment?


Sclerotherapy requires no special preparation. However, if you are taking aspirin daily as preventive maintenance for some other illness, it might be wise to abstain from this blood-thinner pill for a couple of days. Get detailed information about the treatment from the vein clinic midtown.


Side effects:


Before going through the treatment, it is important to collect useful information about the ongoing procedure so that you may get to know whether you are the right person for the treatment or not. 

It may cause:


  • Unwanted allergic reactions
  • Mild pain
  • Extreme itchiness
  • Bruises and swelling over the treated area.


The following side effects may be noticed for two or three days. But these can be solved by ingestion of over-the-counter painkillers and wearing elastic bandages to relieve pain and decrease the swelling. Consult a vein doctor in New York if the side effects of the treatment are bothering you.


Who Is The Right Candidate?


If you are going to deliver a child or you are doing the breastfeeding, sclerotherapy may not be a good idea for you. Cigarette junkies are also recommended to stop smoking for a few days before the scheduled injections because tobacco can affect blood flow in your veins. People who are diabetic or those who have encountered blood clotting in their veins should avoid this method too. Anyone who has severe skin infections should also forget about sclerotherapy. Discuss the treatment from vein specialist New york first to determine whether you are the right candidate for the procedure.


As soon as you have gone through sclerotherapy, you will be able to get smooth beautiful legs. The success rate of the procedure depends on the skills of the specialist. If the procedure is not performed under the supervision of a trained vein doctor, it might be possible you will suffer from skin discoloration and pain in the particular area.  

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